Cosmetic Experiences

Sharing bit and piece of cosmetics, skin care products and fashion experiences


This is the page that allows me to share my experiences on using skin care and cosmetic product. It was kind of late for me to learn about cosmetics or skin care products. The main reason is because my oily skin produced a lot … A LOT of acne during my teenage years. During that period of time, I did not bother to use any skin care products or cosmetics as they wouldn’t improve my face condition. Until I went to college, I started to experience hormone change that all the acne were fading off slowly. When I was about to graduate from college, I started to pay attention to cosmetics and fashion as appearance is an important element in securing a job and also a courtesy to people looking at you. I have tried many many skin care products and most of them disappointed me. If not because of my combination skin complexion, it is the product that don’t suit me. Thanks to the beauty television programs and the fashion magazines. It has been few years since and I finally found the product lines that are good to me and improved my skin tone from the information published or broadcast.

I hope my experiences can be of some use to you. Enjoy reading and do share your experiences with me as well.

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