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Conditioning or moisturizing my dry damp hair

7 April, 2008 Category:Hair By: cosme

After coming back from a weekend trip, my hair became dry and ugly due to the reason I forgot to bring my S-Factor shampoo and conditioning gel. I used the shampoo provided by the hotel and I regretted.

Once I got back from the airport, I jumped into the bath tub trying to save my damn hair. I left it on for longer than usual as I have done quite a serious damage to my hair. I first washed it with S-Factor moisturizing shampoo and then applied S-Factor conditioning sunflower seed oil to the root of the hair and parts that is highlighted. After the shower, I stood in front of the mirror to check the condition of my hair. It looked darker and felt silky when touched. Man, this conditioning gel is really what I looked for since long time ago. The only thing with it is a little bit more expensive than the normal conditioning gel. Well, I get what I paid for.

By the way, found out that the Beauty Palace in Great Mall has S-Factor at slightly cheaper price than Beauty Supply on Stevens Creek. That was back in February when I wandered around in the mall checking out the of the shampoo. However, Beauty Supply gives out point card that gives me discount if I visit there often. So, I will still stick with it since it’s closer to home and the price of gasoline has hike up a lot lately.

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