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Liquid Masks

15 March, 2008 Category:Face, Skin Care By: cosme

Today when I was tidying up by winter cosmetics, I came across these two liquid masks from Soskin. Before my mom bought me these masks, I was using the wet masks of random brand that I can find in Walgreen. However, after I started to use Soskin masks, I have never use any other masks since. Mainly because I am a lazy person and at the same time, I don’t want my skin to look bad when I don’t have enough sleep or when I was in a dry environment like the cabin of an airplane.

The good thing about liquid mask is it absorbs by the skin quickly when the skin is dehydrated and within seconds, the skin looks refreshed and acne scars will become not very visible.

Soskin Super Hydratant Masque (Used during winter when the air is extremely dry)

I use this one when my skin becomes very dehydrated from a sleepless night, or when I came back from a ‘desert-like’ area or every two weeks. Now that winter is over and spring has set in, it’s time to retire this and bring out my Purifying Masque.

Sokin Purifying Masque (Used during regular time)

Like super hydratant masque, I use this masque every two weeks to keep my skin hydrated. I saves my time by applying the liquid mask on my face, rub it using my fingers in circular motion until it is totally absorbed within 10 to 15 minutes by my face. Then I apply other skin care products like sun block and anti-aging cream and moisturizer. According to the instruction at the back, this should be used 2-3 times a week. So it really depends on personal habit in using the skin care product. Of course, to achieve the best effect, it’s better to follow the instruction.

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