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L’Extrême Waterproof Mascara

27 February, 2008 Category:Eyes By: cosme

Like Chanel Anti-pollution cream, I also learned about this product from the Discovery magazine from Cathay Pacific Airway. The first moment when I read about this product, I decided to get it. I got this from the beauty gallery in Takeshimaya, Singapore. The salesgirl was very helpful in answering my questions. Even though I price I paid in Singapore was about 10 percent more than the listed price in the magazine, I felt it worth the value after few days of using it. The main reason for buying this was because my previous mascara from L’oxxx makes me look really bad after long hours. The mascara started to blur out around my eyes. Of course the dirty dark spots makes my face look dirty. L’Extreme mascara dries out almost instantly after I apply it.

The mascara is available in two colors: black and brown. I personally prefer black to brown.

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