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Chanel UV Essentiel Protective UV Care Anti-Pollution SPF50/PA+++

27 February, 2008 Category:Face, Skin Care By: cosme

I first learned about this product from the Discovery magazine during the flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong. When I read about this product, I immediately knew that I am going to get this as I know how ‘clean’ is the air in my final destinations. The price stated was USD40 in the magazine. I ended up buying it from Chanel in Takeshimaya, Singapore which cost SGD76 equivalent to ~USD55++. I was so pissed. I should have bought it during the flight or while I was transiting in Hong Kong International Airport. The duty free product is indeed much cheaper even though I did get to claim the GST(Goods and Services Tax) back after spending more than SGD100 in one bill. I have been using it since and it does give me the experience I expected. Without applying it during the day, I will see dark brown water while washing my face at night. With it, the water just seems like normal soapy water.

This is a whitening product that is being sold in Asia (ONLY?). The reason I can think of is probably environment related (pollution??). I can’t find it in the any U.S. stores… yet.

I realized that for cosmetic products, it’s generally cheaper to buy in from International Airport that sells duty-free products.

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