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21 February, 2008 (08:38) | Body, Hand, Leg, Skin Care | By: cosme

eucerinSince this is the first post on this website, I am going to tell you about Eucerin – something that I can’t live without during winter. During the winter time, my skin tends to get over-dehydrated and cracks. When it cracks, I feel itchy and can’t help but pick on it until I can really see the ‘cracks’. It was awful!!! Still remember last Thanksgiving, my condition got worse during the vacation in Reno. The lotions that I had (Vaseline from Costco) was of very little help.

The next day I went to the nearby Walgreen to pick up a lotion (thinking of using it temporarily), after 30 minutes looking at the full shelves of lotions, I finally picked Eucerin. Mainly because on the front of the container states “#1 recommended by Dermatologist”. I decided to give it a try. For a whole 16.9 oz, it costs USD11.99. Quite a good buy.

Quickly, I applied the lotion on both of my legs. At first I felt it’s kinda sticky and regretted. However, it came to my amaze when I realized for the rest of the day I didn’t feel itchy anymore and the cracks seems recovering. I was so happy and continue using it since then. Even though there’re no more cracks on my legs (I used it every morning and every night and also every time after shower), I still continue using it. It becomes my remedy for dry skin. I am glad I found this product.

Not forget to mention, my boyfriend who tends to get frost bite after skiing finds this the solution too. After 3 days of applying this product, the frost bite went away.