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Liquid Masks

15 March, 2008 (12:55) | Face, Skin Care | By: cosme

Today when I was tidying up by winter cosmetics, I came across these two liquid masks from Soskin. Before my mom bought me these masks, I was using the wet masks of random brand that I can find in Walgreen. However, after I started to use Soskin masks, I have never use any other masks since. Mainly because I am a lazy person and at the same time, I don’t want my skin to look bad when I don’t have enough sleep or when I was in a dry environment like the cabin of an airplane.

The good thing about liquid mask is it absorbs by the skin quickly when the skin is dehydrated and within seconds, the skin looks refreshed and acne scars will become not very visible.

Soskin Super Hydratant Masque (Used during winter when the air is extremely dry)

I use this one when my skin becomes very dehydrated from a sleepless night, or when I came back from a ‘desert-like’ area or every two weeks. Now that winter is over and spring has set in, it’s time to retire this and bring out my Purifying Masque.

Sokin Purifying Masque (Used during regular time)

Like super hydratant masque, I use this masque every two weeks to keep my skin hydrated. I saves my time by applying the liquid mask on my face, rub it using my fingers in circular motion until it is totally absorbed within 10 to 15 minutes by my face. Then I apply other skin care products like sun block and anti-aging cream and moisturizer. According to the instruction at the back, this should be used 2-3 times a week. So it really depends on personal habit in using the skin care product. Of course, to achieve the best effect, it’s better to follow the instruction.

Chanel UV Essentiel Protective UV Care Anti-Pollution SPF50/PA+++

27 February, 2008 (00:34) | Face, Skin Care | By: cosme

I first learned about this product from the Discovery magazine during the flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong. When I read about this product, I immediately knew that I am going to get this as I know how ‘clean’ is the air in my final destinations. The price stated was USD40 in the magazine. I ended up buying it from Chanel in Takeshimaya, Singapore which cost SGD76 equivalent to ~USD55++. I was so pissed. I should have bought it during the flight or while I was transiting in Hong Kong International Airport. The duty free product is indeed much cheaper even though I did get to claim the GST(Goods and Services Tax) back after spending more than SGD100 in one bill. I have been using it since and it does give me the experience I expected. Without applying it during the day, I will see dark brown water while washing my face at night. With it, the water just seems like normal soapy water.

This is a whitening product that is being sold in Asia (ONLY?). The reason I can think of is probably environment related (pollution??). I can’t find it in the any U.S. stores… yet.

I realized that for cosmetic products, it’s generally cheaper to buy in from International Airport that sells duty-free products.

Soskin Gentle Purifiyng Cleansing Gel

24 February, 2008 (04:33) | Face, Skin Care | By: cosme

soskin cleanserThis is my daily-use product for cleaning my face. I have been using this products for about 4 years(if not more). Before this I have tried numerous other brands of cleanser but none could ever satisfied me. Most of the time they were either totally dehydrated my skin or made me feel like I didn’t wash my face. Until one summer I went home and forgot my cleanser. My mum lend me her soskin cleansing gel. After I used it I was so amazed. After the wash it left me with clean look and comfortable feeling. It doesn’t have much scent compared to other common brands of face foam. I not only use it in the morning but also at night. Sometimes I use it after exercise or after I remove my make up just simply because using it to wash my face makes me feel good.

It is so hard to get this product as they do not sell it on the shelf of grocery store. It’s a product of France. I found a website that claims to sell this product but after I paid for my cleanser gel and other products they never came. So I disputed the transaction through paypal. The company claims to be the soskin authorized seller in Canada.

After some time of researching, I found one beauty salon that carries this line of products. It’s located in Fremont. Take Mowry Exit and go toward Lion Plaza. The beauty salon is located in the same building as Lion Supermarket. It is one the left if coming out from the supermarket. The price is about the same as the price in Malaysia.

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21 February, 2008 (08:38) | Body, Hand, Leg, Skin Care | By: cosme

eucerinSince this is the first post on this website, I am going to tell you about Eucerin – something that I can’t live without during winter. During the winter time, my skin tends to get over-dehydrated and cracks. When it cracks, I feel itchy and can’t help but pick on it until I can really see the ‘cracks’. It was awful!!! Still remember last Thanksgiving, my condition got worse during the vacation in Reno. The lotions that I had (Vaseline from Costco) was of very little help.

The next day I went to the nearby Walgreen to pick up a lotion (thinking of using it temporarily), after 30 minutes looking at the full shelves of lotions, I finally picked Eucerin. Mainly because on the front of the container states “#1 recommended by Dermatologist”. I decided to give it a try. For a whole 16.9 oz, it costs USD11.99. Quite a good buy.

Quickly, I applied the lotion on both of my legs. At first I felt it’s kinda sticky and regretted. However, it came to my amaze when I realized for the rest of the day I didn’t feel itchy anymore and the cracks seems recovering. I was so happy and continue using it since then. Even though there’re no more cracks on my legs (I used it every morning and every night and also every time after shower), I still continue using it. It becomes my remedy for dry skin. I am glad I found this product.

Not forget to mention, my boyfriend who tends to get frost bite after skiing finds this the solution too. After 3 days of applying this product, the frost bite went away.